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Double disc, single disc. and hoe openers combined with double-rib and narrow rounded presswheels mounted on a type grain drill were evaluated for sowing wheat in no-till conditions. In a relatively soft soil, the double disc opener was found to be suitable for no-till sowing of wheat. However, in hard dry soils, hoe openers performed better than other types of openers because it penetrated the soil more easily. The greater amount of soil disturbance and lower seed row soil bulk density created by the hoe opener improved soil-seed contact giving a better plant stand. The presswheel type had no significant effect on most of the parameters studied. It was observed that good coulters are essential to effectively cut residue to avoid blocking the hoe openers, even if the residue is onty 1 to 1,6 t ha(-1).

AL AWAMIA (MA) ISSN: 0572-2721 , (1993), no 83 , p. 179-198